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Official Name: Vor'drakk AKA Diabolus
Quote: Light has often be thought to been the fastest, but darkness has already beat it to the destination.
Gender: Male
Species: Noghri
Homeworld: Honoghr
Occupation: Dark Sage
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Affiliation: The Dark Side
Appearance: [url=]Diabolus[/url] is one meter and seventy centimeters tall. He has dark grey almost black skin. Muscular build. He almost always wears a black cloak covering his body and wears his hood most the time. Also has light Duranium armor that doesn't restrict his movement apart from the very little weight it carries.
Diabolus free of his mask, embracing the darkside around him.
Diabolus in his cloak.
Diabolus' Duranium Banded Battle Armour
Biography: [IMG][/IMG]
Diabolus grew up on Honoghr as the child of two Jedi that had been exiled because of their love. At that stage he was known as Vor'drakk and grew up with the teachings of the force. One day the planet was invaded and his parents were killed by the invading forces, he watched them die by the hands of another Jedi. Enraged he struck out like he never had in his life. With the Jedi's own yellow lightsaber he decapitated him when he had been caught off guard. Grabbing the Jedi by his hair he walked down the street that had been torn and broken apart by the forces. He ripped off his clothes and renounced any affiliation with them. Full of anger the dark side grew within him. By the stage he had walked to out the city he had been consumed. He drew on its power, so addictive to him.

Diabolus has such a hatred of Jedi he wants nothing but to destroy them all. He will do anything to eliminate them from the universe.
Weapons: Two Crimson Lightsabers with Phrik hilts.
Cortosis Ore plated phrik sheild, with slight blade along the edge.
Phrik sword
One Yellow Lightsaber
Force Powers: [b]=Mastered=[/b]
[url=]Telekinesis (All aspects)[/url]
[url=]Force Cloak[/url]
[url=]Force Stealth[/url]
[url=]Force Illusion[/url]
[url=]Force Drain[/url]
[url=]Force Lightning[/url]
[url=]Dark Side Mind Trick Variations[/url]
Personal Spaceship: [url=]Fury-class "Tslatsal" Starfighter[/url]
Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1,320 km/h
Engine unit(s): 3 units
Hyperdrive system: Class 0.75
-Dual Heavy laser cannon (1)
-Concussion Missile launchers (2)
-- Concussion Missiles (8)
-Stygium Cloak
-Modified attachment for "Prometheus"
Fleet: =Nocturnal Glacier=
[url=]Liberator Cruiser[/url] - "Black Ice"
- 4 Squadrons of [url=]Fury-class Starfighter[/url]
--Two Squadrons of [url=]BB-2 Starfire Bombers[/url]
Ground Forces: =On Board Black Ice=
-[url=]NLZ5-11 Dragoons[/url]
--Armed with
--Armour made with Duranium to make them more sustainable in heavy fire. Heavy troopers, commando classification.
- Regular troops, medium plastoid armour.
--Armed with [url=]HT-16 Blaster Rifle[/url]
--An assortment of grenades
--And a [url=]Lancer Blaster Pistol[/url]
Traffic Light: Blue
Traffic Light Additional: I am looking for a rp that will encourage character development and some combative elements.
NPC's: [url=]Prowler-1000 "Prometheus" Exploration Droid[/url]
-Upgraded AI allowing to act as a Astromech.

Jonathan Mercer, CEO of SoroSuub corporation and Governor of Sullust. A proficient hunter with a military background, and a ruthless businessman.

Admiral Nightsteel, Admiral of the Nocturnal Glacier. A sly and a brutally efficient tactician. Seems humorless when on the bridge and rarely mixes work with pleasure.

Mala'akoth, 'The Messenger', is a Shistavanen Acolyte that acts as the voice for Diabolus when he can not be there in person, and sometimes the dagger. He is trained in force powers that emphasize stealth.
Accomplishments/Goals: =GBA Duels=
[url=]Diabolus vs Aoshi = Draw[/url]
[url=]Adi Vs Diabolus[/url]

[url=]Anima vs Diabolus[/url] - Won first Tournament Round
Author: My name is Timothy Miles, I am an Australian.
The problem with any philosophical consideration is that once you open a door in your mind, you can never close it. Once you learn something, you can never convince your mind that you didn't learn it. If you learn the world is round, you can never fit in with a world that thinks it's flat.